Monday, August 2, 2010

I Know My Place. It's Time You Learn Yours.

So I was sitting
And I was thinking
And I was thinking about you
And I couldn't help but feel the rage bubbling up inside of me. I had to acknowledge it. I had to understand. It took a bit. But I settled down.
And I realized.
You done did it. You bullshitted the bullshitter!
How does it feel? To know you out bullshitted the bullshitter?

I know it feels good.
Cept you aren't sure if I'm speaking of you or not. So you're sitting there anxious.
Looking over your shoulder.
Wondering.. is it me? I bullshitted pretty hard.. I wonder if I really got her?


Cause I figured it out and I know that you're a piece of shit. You're a grimy little fuck.
And now I can turn the tables. And I can get ya right back.
Be ready.

Buck up.


You disrespectful little shits.
I let you into my fucking home. I let you in.
I let you come hang out and do ya thang and be around my awesome.
And that's how you repay me? This is the thanks I get?

Well fuck off.
Take yer shit elsewhere.
Grow up.
Talk to me when you can buy alcohol.
Talk to me when you fucking grow up.
I don't want it around, I don't want you around. 

Get the fuck over yourself.

Yer done.

And as for you, sir.
Ohhhh ho ho .
I'm sorry we must draw this thing to a close, but I've come to a massive realization.
I know who I am and what I'm about.
I know what I need and what I want.
I know I can get whatever my heart craves.
And it's not craving a low life that needs to fuck up other people's lives in order to feel right.
That would've flown maybe a year or shit, even a month ago. But not now.

Oh, Ansel Adams.
Oh, Cosmos.
Oh, Numerology.
Oh, Astrology.

You make so much sense to me.
Thank you for showing me.
Thank you.

And oh wait, are the ass chewings over with?

Come over and find out.

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